Country: Brunei
Title: Thy Doomsday Lord Enthroned
Label: Dark Peramo Production / Black Mystic Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Melodic Black Death Metal

Hey, what do we have here? In my previous review, when I talked about this band's debut demo, I was also mentioning they have a full-length album out last year, and here it is, I found out they actually sent this album as well. We're treated here with 8 tracks into the same type of '90's Black Death Metal with keyboard backgrounds and melodic guitar leads and solos. The production is the same type as on their first demo, so raw and unprofessional, but that's quite understandable, don't think there are too many regular studios in Brunei... I also have a feeling it was recorded all in one take as execution mistakes are pretty obvious here and there and the pace is not always kept at the same level, so all in all a demo-recording quality that somehow reminds me of the South East Asian extreme metal from the beginning on this millenium. Modern metal followers won't understand much of this, but nostalgics of the early-mid '90's rehearsal-demo recordings will get a kick of it; too bad it's not in their native language as it could have been more influencial on their local audience, trying international waters with this is quite far-fethched to be honest. I like their debut demo more for the simple fact I was expecting something more on their first album, yet what we get here is similar quality in both recording and composition compartments.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10