Country: Spain
Title: Doctrine
Label: Blackseed Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Death Metal

One year after the recording of their debut EP, Qayin Regis return to Moontower Studios to record their debut full-length, only 4 tracks, but all more than 10 minutes in length, for a total of more than 40 minutes of playing time. We're dealing here with a mix between obscure and atmospheric, occult to the bone I'd say Black Metal and the even more obscure and aggressive new type of Black Death Metal that's so popular nowadays, but the result is not on the Behemoth/Hate path, rather a more repetitive, more ritualistic type of Black Death Metal where the vocals (shrieks and growls that is) are somehow obscured by the instruments and act more like another instrument rather than the leading element in QR's music. The rhythms range from slow to fast paced, with everything in between, so it's a pretty varied material although after a couple of spins it becomes a bit dull, maybe exactly because of the vocals not taking the leading role and act more commanding, get more expressive. The guitar part (multiple layers) in my opinion is the best thing here, with plenty to offer beside those repetitive, ritualistic moments, building the atmospheres to a dense, suffocating, definitely oppressive wall of darkness, not avoiding some little hooks here and there. But also the drums are worth mentioning, always building momentum and shaping the atmosphere with a doomy, apocalyptic edge. Not bad at all for a debut album, recommended if you're into impenetrable, obscure atmospheres in your Black Death music.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10