Country: Australia
Title: Vacant Body
Label: Total Därkness Propaganda
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

A debut demo that gets to be released by a label shortly after it was released by the band, and not long after the band was formed, this means it has to be something interesting, isn't it? 
The three tracks featured here in less than 10 minutes of total playing time, were recorded in UK, although Vacant Body seemingly resides in Australia, weird. But what's cool about this demo is that it has live recorded drums, or at least they sound like it giving the whole material an organic, warm feeling.
The double-bass lead drumming acts like a huge layer of intensity on which the guitars can build and develop grim, distorted atmospheres also based oh three different layers which allow the creation of a carefully planned chaotic but harmonious soundscape. Indeed, the intensity and tension building potential of the drums is the centerpiece of this debut demo, while the guitars, although producing simplistic riffs and leads, manage to deliver catchy harmonies that stick to your mind and make the track stand out. The vocal has a gritty and raspy but audible and comprehensive tone and it's clear he's into the overall atmosphere, he manages to convince the listener he's capable of rising to the task of fronting such a band, but it's also clear he has not reached his potential here and somehow gives the impression he's holding back of sounding too aggressive, too loud. 
All in all we're dealing here with a very promising band, hoep they'll follow up with a debut album, or at least an EP featuring more than 3 tracks. I'd recommend this demo to fans of newer type of Black Metal (from the new wave of bands like Mgla, Uada or the likes), but also to fans of Post Black Metal. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10