Country: Hungary
Title: Impermanence
Label: Colmorlig Creations
Year: 2021
Style: Doom Death Metal

Although I'm not a big fan of tapes (I grew up on those and for me it was annoying to find a track I liked on an album that made me rewind all the time, sometimes using my pen as the tape players were not that good either) I have to admit it's quite cool seeing these demos out on tape, somehow it feels natural to have a demo out on tape, more expensive nowadays than a simple CDR, but it's well worth it. Hungarian duo Cave Altar are debuting on tape with one track (the title-track) close to 6 minutes in length and an instrumental outro for a total duration of 8 minutes, out on such a tape, professionally produced, limited to only 50 copies. The band plays some sort of Funeral Doom Death Metal, slow, dragging, oppressive, lead by an ultra-low tuned, guttural vocals, but colored with interesting and varied guitar leads (some remind of My Dying Bride) and subtle keyboard inserts, quite interesting I'd say and more accessible than regular Funeral Doom is, so based on solely this track I'd say Cave Altar has an interesting future ahead, a more detailed experience I guess we'll be offered on their next release. Get this tape while it's out there!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10