Country: France
Title: In requiem aeternam
Label: Wolfmond Production
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

This is no less than the 11th full-length album signed by Gergovia, a one-man band based in central France initiated 16 years ago. Hats off for the great dedication and resilience to time. 9 tracks, 45 minutes, a quite open-minded type of Black Metal characterized by fast-paced rhythms, tremolo riffing seconded at times by Death Metal-like groovy riffs, unexpected melodic leads and solos that are maybe a bit too hidden in the background for how excellent they sound, a comprehensive rough vocalist singing in French, and supported by clean vocal choirs here and there, hence bringing that somehow exotic feeling to Black Metal (at least to me French language is too soft and round for a sharp genre like Black Metal, but I admit sit sounds good), and all this rounded by a powerful but unfortunately too synthetic (for my taste) sounding rhythm section. Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention the keyboard backgrounds that have a serious impact on the compositions themselves, bringing in a majestic, almost symphonic atmosphere at times, or an industrial, martial atmosphere at other. All in all Necron (the man behind Gergovia) did a very good job here, if you're into '90's Black Metal I have a feeling you'll enjoy this material. My only problem here is with the production that's too sysnthetic at times, but the compositions are excellent, well worth your time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10