Country: Israel
Title: Corroded by Darkness
Label: Wings of Destruction / Grimm Distribution
Year: 2020
Style: Black Death Metal

Started by Zed Winter, vocalist of Winterhorde, Zed Destructive might be just a studio project, an alter ego (judging by the band name, too), or might as well be a real band because I saw that after the recording of this album the band completed its line-up with a real drummer playing now as a quartet. This debut album is an extensive work, 11 tracks in almost an hour of playing time, which might have sense if we judge the band as having 3 years of playing underbelt, but actually the material was recorded after one year of existence, in 2018, and only released 2 years later, so it's either Zed had all tracks already composed and the other guys just executed, or they are really fast writers and we should expect a followup really soon. Anyway, Corroded by Darkness offers 11 tracks of that blend multiple facets of Black and Death Metal and maybe Melodic Black Death Metal (of Swedish inspiration if I may add) would be the best categorization, but there's a lot going on here, the compositions are rich, expressive, sometime surprising, with very few dull moments, and from this point of view this debut album is a winner, but the production, although crystal clear, is a bit thin, a bit too synthetic than I would have expected such an album to have and maybe that's due in major part of the drum-machine that doesn't inspire any feelings at all, just pure technical precision. This is just my impression, so try it yourselves, but although there's nothing that actually annoys me on this album I won't return to it; as a highlight I really enjoyed I would mention the guitar solos, long, melodic and expressive guitar solos exactly on my taste.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10