Country: Israel
Title: Sirens
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2019
Style: Gothic Black Funeral Doom

After a 2016 demo, Long Lost Suns, Israeli quartet Edellom returns with their debut studio album, an 8 tracks effort clocking a full hour of playing time, released via Metal Scrap's sub-label, Another Side. Although the band and label advertise this as Gothic Doom Metal, to me this is way closer to Funeral Doom and even Depressive Black Metal at times (strange, isn't it?) that the regular Gothic Doom I was expecting, but to be honest I prefer bands delivering not what's expected from them, but exactly what they had on their heart when composing the album. Sirens has both slow, long, monolithic passages as well as faster paced, tremolo guitar riffs lead passages, and when it comes to the vocal compartment we get a mix of melodic, enchanting female vocals with ultra-low guttural uncomprehensive male vocals backed by Black Metal shrieks at times. The problem from my point of view is with all those rhythms breaks that somehow swamp the natural flow of the album making it somehow monotonous; at least after a couple of spins I've made my mind, the band has the necessary potential to deliver professional, well-thought music with real emotions in it, but they loose themselves in details, in trying to be as diverse and original as they can and that kills it for me, I cannot find something to grab on to in order to make this material memorable, to keep something from it after the audition. Try it yourselves if you think a combination of Funeral Doom, Gothic Metal, and Depressive Black Metal would make your day.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10