Country: Hungary
Title: Devil Seed
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2021
Style: Epic Doom Metal

Oh, cool, TDP has scored one of the most praised Doom Metal albums in the underground last year, at least in this part of the World, and re-released it in tape format limited to 100 copies after the band did their thing last year and offered it on Digipak CD format and digital obviously. Devil Seed produced their debut with this 8 tracks effort clocking 50 minutes of traditional Epic Doom Metal fronted by a melodic yet very powerful female vocal and based mostly on traditional instruments rather than on keyboards, using the later only as atmosphere builder in the background. Actually the vocals steam most of the show here, the instrumental part is a bit too old-school for my taste, but I'm sure Candlemass / Saint Vitus fans will devour this like crazy, but be aware, at first their coupling might seem dissonant, you'll need some time to properly embrace them. Slow, tormented, heavy and quite sinister, the compositions offer a totally different atmosphere if played together with reading the lyrics, and there's where the vocals make more sense if you get past the particular pronunciation, a new World unveils and elements unravel into a fine, impressive even Epic Doom Metal with even 3 or 4 out of the 8 tracks having clear hit potential. Then there's the experimentation side where each instrument has outbursts of "craziness" exploring sounds outside of their usual route, all taken from the vast Doom Rock/Metal genre though. If the band confirms with a similar album, I think we have a winner out of Hungary for the Doom Metal scene.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10