Country: Belarus
Title: Vobrazy
Label: Wroth Emitter
Year: 2021
Style: Doom Post Metal

Hailing from Belarus, this female-fronted quintet presents its debut album 5 years after their foundation (back then under the Moondwarm moniker, changed to the actual one in 2018), a work that consists of 6 long tracks totalling 40 minutes of music. The band offers a quite pretentious and demanding material, not at all easily digestible, but one that requires serious attention and dedication from the listener. Doom Metal combines with Post Rock / Post Metal and some other sonorities (even Black Metal at times) on the side, but the bulk of it is this Doom Metal / Post Rock mix fronted by a female vocalist that sounds dramatic at times and imperative at other, and the decision to play in their native tongue adds mysticism to the whole; actually the vocal compartment is quite complex bringing in the male vocal input from on of the guitarists that reaches even Black Metal shades. The instrumental part is bold, experimental, laid-back and at the same time well thought-out and complex, no doubt all of them are heavily involved in studying their own instruments and how they can reach virgin territories. This one is an impressive debut album, but again, it's far from easy-listening, it's a demanding piece of music I'd say for the initiated only, not sure how many profane ears they will convince; so basically if you're into either Doom Metal, or Post Metal, give it a chance, you might discover a gem for your ears. Metal Archives says this is an independent release, but my copy says it's out on Wroth Emitter, even has a catalog number; regarding this the album is released in a classy Digifile CD the comes with 6 cards with lyrics and exclusive photos, one for each of the tracks.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10


Review to be published in the upcoming issue of Slowly We Rot print magazine!