Country: Portugal
Title: Gaerea
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Year: 2016
Style: Black Metal

The debut EP from this Portuguese band was mixed and mastered in Holland by former Atrocity and Aborted bass player, now producer John Bart van der Wal, and by this you'll understand exactly why the solid and upfront bass sound on this release. We're dealing here with only 5 tracks, but the total running time is almost half an hour, one could even consider it a full-length album by Today's standards, so it's nice to see the band takes things slow, or at least that's my impression. The music is interesting, Black Metal is the core of it, but there's plenty of variety inhere, from doomy parts to a fast paced and energetic, to a somehow Power/Thrash influenced sound, to the more modern atmospheric Black Metal that's now all over the place, you get them all, and I have to say the structures of the songs are pretty convincing, overall the EP sounds curdled and open to experiments while keeping close to the backbone of this genre, but what puzzled me were the lyrics, touching some very Seputura - Chaos AD -like social topics and if the English of the one who wrotem wouldn't have been so limited this could have been a really interesting take on Black Metal, a new path if I can say so. If you're a native English speaker try not to read the lyrics, but if you're like the band, only casual / rare English speakers or no English speakers at all you won't give a shit on this matter, the vocal tone is good and expressive, it's enough to compliment a solid instrumental part from Gaerea. Interesting debut from a promising new band, keep an eye on them.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10