Country: Ukraine
Title: Over the Rainbow
Label: M & O Music
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Metal

Haven't had the chance to play this band's debut album from 2019, but here I have their new opus, a 9 tracks effort clocking almost 40 minutes of playing time, representing the band's first collaboration with a label, French M & O Music. Korypheus' music could be labelled in short as Progressive Metal, but I'd say an experimental kind of Progressive Metal if I may, the kind that expands in various and often opposing corners of Metal, from Melodic Rock/Metal to Alternative, and from Metalcore to Black and Death Metal even, with the centre being always a technical and skillful Metal that at times even resembles the newer Metallica (check out the last track, Only Lies). There are a lot of classy, masterful passages that will raise the respect these guys will get from fellow musicians, but at the same time as a whole the album sounds very interesting and catchy, surprising at times, melodic and heavy, an excellent music journey for the "regular" listener, too. I have played this at least five time now (which doesn't happen often at all) and with every new spin I still discover something new to enjoy, of course it has some (very few!) passages that could have been improved if not removed at all, but in my books all in all Korypheus have done a tremendous job here, a highly entertaining album that will offer you a lot if you give it the chance.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10


Review to be published in the upcoming issue of Slowly We Rot print magazine!