Country: Spain
Title: Eterna Oscuridad
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Eight studio album from this legendary project of the Spanish Black Metal scene, Eterna Oscuridad is in my opinion a very important milestone for the label. Yes, for the label, as Cryfemal came to this agreement for a new album with Immortal Frost after being an Osmose Productions for the previous album, D6s6nti6rro, which consolidates and enforces the continuous ascendance of the Belgian Black Metal label. Ok, now talking about the music on Eterna Oscuridad we're treated with 9 tracks of utterly demented Black Metal from start to finish, an aggression on all senses, a sinister and rabid display of (mostly) fast paced, sometimes dissonant, sometimes even majestic, but always repetitive to the bone and at the same time technical and surprising (if that makes any sense) compositions. When the music rhythm becomes mid-paced and the keyboard background can imprint a ray of hope for amore melodic approach, the ferocious vocals keep the impression you're still being hunted down by a pack of wolves. And actually the vocals are Cryfemal's biggest asset even though the drumming is excellent, too (too bad Ebola decided to part ways with Bornyhake right after this album), the guitar riffing is infectious and the keyboard part is as well sinister as fuck; Ebola's vocals are some of the finest in Black Metal, period! Cryfemal's new record is like a gateway to hell, no less than that, it's nothing progressive, nor nostalgic over past Black Metal periods, but it's more focused on creating and delivering a dense dark, mysterious, ice-cold and desperate atmosphere and the result is spot on!
Reviewed by Adrian

Rating: 9/10