Country: Poland
Title: Przeddzień
Label: Cult of Parthenope
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Black Metal

Another hit from Poland, this quartet already threatened the Black Metal fanatics with their 2018 demo that clocked more than 40 minutes in playing time (!) are now back with a debut album made of 10 tracks lasting for over 50 minutes in total length. This one is close to perfection, it's so rich of different and diverse elements all over the place that one can't wait to advance within the album to discover more, and when it's finally all done, to play it again from the beginning, which makes the album a stellar piece. Multiple rhythms, from slow and calm to intense and fast paced going through catchy mid-tempo parts, a multitude of feelings and expressive passages that range from melancholy to frantic aggression, some of the best melodic harmonies close to what Melodic Doom Death came up with 3 decades ago, also combined with the melody from the second wave of Scandinavian Black Metal and even some modern cvasi-post Black Metal touches, an upfront and well defined bas line, desperate and expressive shrieking vocals and a highly skilled drum work, all one a crystal clear production plate make from Przeddzien a fantastic album, especially for a debut. I don't know what the lyrics are about as they are in Polish, but judging by the band name and the album cover I'd say they pretty much deal with misanthropy and nihilism.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10