Country: Holland
Title: The Anthology 1989-1993
Label: Headbangers Records
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Death Metal

This band was only active for 3 or 4 years at the end of the '80's - beginning of the '90's, meaning exactly when this mix of styles (Thrash and Death) was getting some serious traction in Europe, and as a result after their debut demo, Mortals Slow Decline from 1992, they've got a few offers from labels, but according to the band the labels wanted a more progressive approach (knowing the band is capable of such a take), whether the band wanted to be as catchy to the audience as possible pushing towards being faster and groovier. This to me doesn't sound so good, but thinking it in depth I can understand, I mean we're talking about teenagers who were living a dream of playing music live and being applauded by many.
To be honest I had no high expectations from this compilation Marco from headbangers put together featuring the band's debut demo, a live show from 1991, and a rehearsal tape from 1993, almost an hour of material; I mean what can a 3-4 years lived band deliver? If they would have been any good they've been signed, right? Well, I was seriously wrong, Mordancy were very, very good! The demo is a fine piece of Extreme Metal art from those years and I'm sure if they'd been signed and had a bit more luck back then, they could have been among the first line of European Thrash Death bands for sure. The demo is excellent, apart from the good production for a demo, the execution and especially the compositions are excellent. Blending a Techno Thrash with Death Metal, with progressive touches and some melodic touches as well, delivering long and complex compositions lead by a visceral but also comprehensive vocal, Mordancy are a real surprise, and to be honest their demo is way better than some other from that period that eventually resulted in bands with a serious career. Kudos to Marco for unearthing this masterpiece of early '90's underground Extreme Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10