Country: Russia
Title: Forgotten Frozen Lands
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2021
Style: Punk Thrash Black Metal

Despite the goofy/childish looking cover artwork, this debut full-length album from Russian Hungry Wolf offers some unexpected (good) surprises, too. A combination of Punk, Thrash and Black Metal gives a clear image on what you can expect from the 13 tracks (36 minutes in total) featured here: raw, demented, primitive, visceral, hateful music. And that it is, a fast paced aggression from start to finish, but there's also an element that totally catches you off-guard: the guitar leads and solos. Melodic, professional, very well-thought and executed, these guitar leads and long solos are taking Hungry Wolf's music to another level, much more open to a wider audience, catchier, more intelligent if you will. There are so many facets the guitar work take the music inhere that these alone are making it well worth your while! This clash between the cold, stripped-down, wicked skeleton of Hungry Wolf's music and the melodic guitar touches makes this band stand out from the crowd and I recommend you give this album a spin in full before deciding to buy or discard it. Interesting band, I'll keep it in mind for sure.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10