Country: Greece
Title: Hordes Arising
Label: Vicious Witch Records
Year: 2021
Style: Speed Thrash Black Metal

Hmm, it's such a shame that nowadays because of the overpopulation of the scene and (mostly) because of the speed of internet and the lack of time we generally devote to new bands a release like this one gets overseen. And why am I saying this? Because Chaoshorde's debut EP, the one I have here, was initially released by the band digitally (yuk!) in 2018, then by Metal Throne Productions the same year on tape, and now picked up and released by the newly founded UK based label Vicious Witch Records on Digipak CD format, I guess both labels saw the tremendous potential the band has and still the Greek duo is basically an obscure name in the most obscure underground. The 5 tracks featured here are a total blast making this EP one of my favorite all time in this genre, and here's why: beside the absolutely infectious lethal speed the band assaults the audience from the start, the guitar riffs are so sharp and memorable I can't believe it! I'm sure they are not original, but whatever, they stick to my mind and what's even better, makes me want to play them again and again! Then there's a bit of subtle organic melody (mid-tempo semi-acoustic guitar that created a dark atmosphere rather than a mellow one) thrown in here and there to balance a bit with the staggering viciousness and evilness of the vocals coupled with that speed I already mentioned. The vocals are great, although hoarse and abrasive they are quite comprehensive, but to be honest I would have liked a bit more versatility in this compartment, maybe next time. All in all I'd say if you're looking for a clever and memorable mix of Speed, Thrash and Black Metal, this is something you don't want to miss out! The band has only a split released after this EP and both tracks featured on the split are featured on this CD version of Hordes Arising, so basically (and unfortunately) you have on this EP all they have produced and recorded so far, hope this will change soon.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10