Country: Spain
Title: Totemic Anal Turbofucker
Label: Third-I-Rex
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Apparently this is a Doom Black Metal band, but the first thing that strikes you on this third album of their is the absolute ferocity and speed they deliver their compositions with, Black Metal all the way with a hint of Punk Thrash, but no trace of Doom whatsoever. Maybe their previous releases are more on that territory, but this new one is absolutely dangerous and adrenaline-infused. Lead by a rabid vocalist that screams his lungs out (one can even imagine the amount of venomous saliva he spat on that microphone while recording) throughout the whole album, Barbarian Swords prove to be capable of delivering quite diverse compositions even though for the profane this could sound all the same. I was particularly impressed by the melodic leads on the track Be The War, but that's a one time off as the rest is fast, brutal, blunt and totally unapologetic Black Metal with a certain analog feeling but with care for the production so that it all sounds controlled and clean while remaining dirty, not sure if this makes sense. The first two albums of the band were both more than an hour long, but this one is a 24 minutes release and it also includes a cover version of a Eskorbuto track, so less than 20 minutes of original material; to me this is more an EP than a full-length to be honest. Anyway, a worth checking out material.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10