Country: Austria
Title: Barbarian Steel / Storms Of The Netherworld 
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2018
Style: Barbaric Metal

Wow, such a sweet move by Hungarian underground label TDP to release Tulsadoom's both full-length albums on tape format: the band has such a cult genre and attuitude it will be impossible not to have this sold-out in short time (although at this level it's not about selling out, it's all about passion), and on top of that the band have recently signed to Massacre Records and are currently working on their third full-length, Hyborian Fire, to be released later this year, so sky seems to be the limit for Tulsadoom at the moment. This double tape release is limited to 200 copies and comes as professional tapes with fold out booklets featuring all lyrics and band photos, and as a bonus we're getting 6 live tracks never released before, 5 on the Barbarian Steel tape and 1 completing the Storms Of The Netherworld tape. The band is mixing Heavy, Thrash and Black Metal with a serious epic touch, and if the first album might seem a bit too barbaric for some (those into lighter Metal, of course), the second album is still barbaric sounding but way more polished and with more epic inserts for the listener to get into those mythical times Conan was kicking ass, and also the song-writing is way better, more complex and with more hooks to discover and enjoy. I think the band has a real niche they can develop a serious following now that they will have such a high profile being on Massacre Records and hopefully TDP will also have to benefit from this venture. A cult release, mark my words!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10