Country: Norway
Title: The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship
Label: Pulverised Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Beastcraft was the project of Trondr Nefas, founding members of Urgehal, and Northgrove from Vulture Lord. Unfortunately Trondr died in 2012, but the legacy of Beastcraft seems to never end, and that's amazing, there are plenty of releases after Trondr's death, a live album, an EP, a compilation, a split with Black Altar and this one, a 9 tracks fantastic full-length album clocking 40 minutes of Primitive Norwegian Black Metal. Beastcraft's music is like forged in the deep bowels of gehenna, absolutely devastating, abrasive, sulphurous, and totally satanic and offensive, music to provoke a repulsive reaction from the listener (unless it's initiated in this kind of sounds, of course), some would say that's how Black Metal should sound like and to a certain point I agree, that's how traditional, ugly, hateful Black Metal should sound like. Even if the music is primitive, there are plenty of passages to understand we're dealing with skilled musicians here, and apart from the fast, unrelenting Black Metal hurricanes that spring all over tha place here, we're also served some interesting atmospheric mid-tempo passages where the music gets more oppressive and melancholic would be a big and unapropriate term, but somehow meditative would do it better justice. Urgehal (and not only) followers will be thrilled with this new album from Beastcraft!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10