Country: Australia
Title: Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Melodic Black Metal

Wow, impressive to see this bond between Australian Atra Vetosus and Belgian Immortal Frost Prod. moving forward after so many years; AV was one of the first bands on IFP, and they only released stuff on this label, or by themselves, and to reach 2021 with an EP released in a 1000 copies CD edition says a lot about the two parties reached (1000 is a good number even for a full-length nowadays, yet this is an EP). We're getting here 3 new tracks in almost 25 minutes proposing a Melodic Black Metal that contrary to what the title might suggest has its fair share of serene, calm moments sometimes guitar, sometimes keyboard driven, intertwined with grandiose, vast and epic sounding fast paced tremollo guitar riffing built passages, so I'd say the hopeless and depressive side of this EP comes from the lyrics, which are indeed quite sorrowful if you're willing to let them sink in and combine with your own nostalgia. If you know Atra Vetosus you know what they are capable of, but if you don't and you're into Atmospheric and/or Melodic Black Metal I suggest you check them out, I don't remember even one single material by this band to disappoint and I think I've listened to most of them. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10