Country: Spain
Title: Formador
Label: Cimmerian Shade / United by Chaos / Symbol of Domination
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Death Metal

Hailing from Barcelona and formed in 2012, Panico al Miedo seems to be a band made of experienced musicians, or at least they are not teens anymore for a good time, and here we are, 6 years after their foundation, witnessing the release of their debut album, 13 tracks clocking abit over 50 minutes of playing time, quite a lot for this type of music if you as me. The band blends technical and intricate Thrash Metal harmonies with the power and brutality of Death Metal and quite a bit of Progressive as well, and the result is good, especially if you're a Spanish speaking listener as all tracks are in Spanish and the vocalist has a hoarse but very comprehensive timbre so you can follow him easily. Mid-tempo to (mostly) fast paced rhythms will guid you through an energetic and diverse album, quite old-school sounding, without influences from the more modern types of Extreme Metal (they are more influenced by old Punk than let's say Metalcore), based on clever guitar work supported by a complex and demanding rhythms section, definitely not an easy album, but one that make it for a refreshing audition. I also have to mention the unexpected guitar solos, this type of tonalities I haven't heard in a long time and I wasn't certainly expecting that in Panico al Miedo. Excellent debut!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10