Country: Mexico
Title: Fight Till the End
Label: Iron Shield Records
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Metal

Curious thing about these guys: on their Bandcamp page and Facebook page the bands says it was founded in 2017, however Metal Archives lists a one track demo out in 2016, and also their band Facebook page was opened in 2016, and that's pretty weird if you ask me... Anyway, this is the band's debut album, 9 tracks in about 45 minutes of traditional Heavy Metal clearly Iron Maiden influenced, with plenty of guitar shredding all over the place, and lead by a good screaming vocalist that knows how to be melodic at times, too. Mostly fast paced, but with mid-tempo catchy parts as well, with each track featuring at least a hook (catchy choruses, excellent solos, headbanging-friendly riffs), Steel Night's debut album does it's job perfectly and before you know it it reaches the end which means it's an easy flowing, easily digestible material that will impress the fans of the genre. The last track is live recorded and if the audience screams in the background (they sound like they are in their thousands and hyped to the max, too) are genuine it means this band has some serious following down there in Mexico, but if the screams are just samples from someone else's concert that's sad, very sad. All in all I recommend this album if you're into traditional Heavy Metal, especially into the Iron Maiden-like approach.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10