Country: Greece
Title: Cerebra
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Metal

Interesting band this Greek quartet Project Renegade... This is their debut EP, a 3 tracks effort clocking a lmost 20 minutes of playing time, an EP that normally should have acted as a teaser for a full-length album, but here we are 2 years after and still no sight of the album. Anyway, what we get here is a melodic, groovy and quite modern Metal with female vocals, quite soft and easily accessible for anyone even though Metal enough to get on hardcore Metal fans' platter as well. The vocals of Marianna are a combination of Evanescence and Lacuna Coi with maybe a hint of The Gathering, for the guitar riffs imagine a combination of Groove Metal / Nu-Metal and Doom / Sludge, the bass lines are clearly a Nu-Metal feat since they are so upfront and influencing to the whole "game" here, and the drums are groovy and complex but not powerful enough from my point of view. Although this description sounds so hectic, it all sounds somehow natural, and hence the interesting fact about this band, they managed to sound metallic although lacking of power in the mix, at the same time they managed to stay deeply melodic but still groovy and somehow aggressive, and last but not least each track has its own hooks that makes them worthy of your time. Hope they'll manage to release that album soon though.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10