Country: Switzerland
Title: Driven
Label: A Tree in a Field Records
Year: 2018
Style: Alternative Noise Post-Punk

Wow, although this is for from what we usually cover at Pest Webzine I have to admit I was quite spellbound by this debut album from Basel based trio Asbest. Mixing post-Punk, Industrial Rock, Noise and Alternative / Indie, Asbest manage to create an enchanting atmosphere that took my mind to the first experimental Horror movies, to their soundtracks, of course, I can actually see this band playing at the Horror and Fantasy Movie Festival I'm attending annually (Luna Plina festival that is) or any of the such, and I'm sure their success would be tremendous. There are two female vocalists here, but to be honest the main vocals are not as faminine as one might think after having a look at the band pics, so this Female Vox marketing thing won't work in Asbest's case. The compositions take you through mid-tempo bewitching Post-Punk moments, through spacey Ambient Noise, catchy Indie Rock, experimental Industrial Noise, all served with a desperate-like, decaying, almost horrifying atmosphere, recommended to fans of the new breed of Extreme Metal music, too, at least I have deeply enjoyed it, so I speak for myself. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10