Country: Germany
Title: Show
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2019
Style: Groove Crossover Metal

Contrary to the first feeling, the band comes from Germany even though they use Spanish language for their lyrics, pretty strange I'd say, but good for originality for sure. Need2Destroy are a quartet based in Ulm, Germany, and this is their debut album, a followup to the seemingly highly acclaimed Genoma EP. Blending Groove Metal, Alternative Metal, Thrash Metal and Crossover, Need2Destroy's range is quite wide allowing them to offer variety and at the same time a certain liberty in composition that way the listener is glued to the album from start to finish although I feel like 13 tracks (3 of them are bonuses) are a bit too much for this album, 48 minutes seem a bit too much, I guess around 35 would have been just perfect. The best feature about this album in my opinion would be the easiness they manage to balance between brutality, groove and melody and mixing all of them gives them an interesting edge, too. The cover and booklet artwork are quite dull, I doubt they'll attract any attention from people that don't know the band beforehand. All in all a good album for those into Groove Metal and its various forms.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10