HOD are a crushing death/black metal band and after hearing their new album “Book Of The Worm” on Artic Music Group I knew it was time for an interview and here it is with guitar player  Carl Snyder:

Tell me how the band formed and did any of the other members come from other bands prior to being in HOD?
Hod started around 2006 when I. Carl "Necron" Snyder, decided I wanted to make some new music that wasn't in my style of my current band at that time. At that time I was in Thornspawn.  I wanted to make music more in the fast Angel Corpse style. I called up my old friend Bjorn Haga and asked if he wanted to work on a new project. He was in.  I then approached Beer about being the vocalist.  He suggested his roommate Derek Rivers at the time for bass.  Bjorn ran into Dennis Sanders at a Dark Funeral show and asked he wanted to play drums.  Bjorn was in Necrovore in the 80's, and later played with me in Thornspawn on the 1st album.  Beer is in Pillcrusher and Rancid Vat to this day.  Derek actually played with GG Allan for a gig or two.  He also played in a band called SHIT with Beer.  That is the story of the 1st lineup.

Tell me a little bit about each band member.
I am Carl Snyder.  Aka Lord Necron.  I have been in the metal movement since about 1982 when I got my 1st Priest and Maiden albums. Did a zine called Morbid Death with Chris Sargent back in the 80's.  I played in Punk and Metal bands growing up. Used to trade tapes. And love listening to Metal and Raising Hell to this day. Vladibeer Reebs is our vocalist and is just a total maniac, but a real person of his word.  Loves metal and raising hell too.  Our Drummer Del is our resident tech guy.  He solves all the electronic issues.  Danny Blackwolf is the other guitarist.  He is a long hair punk. Our new Zvs Gaustelum is black metal maniac but not the douche elitist type. Smart and a talented artist. 

Tell me what some of the early practices of the band were like. Did you fool around with any cover tunes or stuff like that? 
We manly wrote our own material.  We messed around trying to cover swing of the axe but never really completed it. It was interesting watching the band form in its infant stage.  The energy of the early times was explosive.  The fire was just starting to burn hot. 

When did you start to write songs and how does a song come together and how about lyrics, how do they come together? 
The riffs start at home and our brought to the table.  They are dissected and worked on till the standard is right.  Lyrics are a process of Vladibeer.  He hears the music and weaves his tales of the macabre to them.  

I know you have a new release out, but has the band released anything prior to this and is so what did you release and is it still for sale? 
Book of the Worm is our 2nd album.  We actually have debut an album called Serpent.  It was put out on Ibex Moon records.  You can still find copies on Amazon and ebay I think.  It is not in print anymore and Ibex Moon has folded so get it while you can.  We also were featured on Limb Splitter 2 comp put out Ossuary Industries.  You can get MP3s of all our material on the Hod bandcamp page too.  I know that is not kult but if you want to hear the stuff it is there.

How did you come up with the name of the band and were any other names thrown around? 
Vladibeer called me up one day and Said "Hod, the Norse god of Darkness and Winter".  I said perfect.  We are by no means a Viking or Norse worship band.  We like the name and went with it.  We did not really use in other names prior to that.

How did you end up hooking up with Artic Music Group and how has it been working with them so far? 
I have been friends with Julian the current owner of Arctic for a long time. I met him many years ago when writing about his band Kult ov Azazel wanting a demo.  We met at various shows though out the years.  So when I read he was putting out music through Arctic Music I contacted him and asked if he was interested in Hod.  He was and here we are. It's been good.  It's an underground label so we are not expecting the world.  But he has kept his word on everything so far. 

Why did you decide to call your album “Book of Worm”? 
Because it's another term for the Necronomicon.  Need I say more.

How was it going into the studio and what studio did you go in to record this new release? Were there many problems during the recordings at all? 
This album was a bitch to get made.  We started in Austin with the intentions to have it out on Ibex Moon. Bjorn quit in the middle of the recording. We only got the drum tracks recorded.  Then Ibex Moon folded. So we put the recording on hold.  We found Dennis Munoz of Solstice Florida was living in San Antonio and recording bands.  So we approached him about finishing the album. So he managed to save the drum tracks. And we started recording the rest of the album here in San Antonio.  Had a couple financial setbacks, so recording was on and off.  Had another guitarist quit the same week they were supposed to do their parts.  So I said fuck it I will do all the guitar tracks on the album. But those setbacks just made us more determined to finish this album and make it the best album we could.

How would you describe the band’s sound to someone who has never heard it? 
Bastard child of Morbid Angel and Destroyer 666. 

How is the scene in Texas these days and do you get to play live much? Are there any live clips floating around on You Tube and places like that?
Texas has solid scene.  Hod plays all other this state. Houston and San Antonio are my favorite places to play.  The metalheads are rabid and real.  Not too many posers and hipsters.  You can find Hod clips on Youtube for sure. 

Finish this line…..somebody should buy your new album because……
You're a poser if you don't.

Do you as a band have any goals for yourselves and do you plan on doing any promoting yourselves as far as this release goes? 
We just want to play as many places as possible.  Our tours are all financed by ourselves.  We are not getting rich doing this. But we have a desire to spread real metal across the United States again.  Show this country we can be leaders of extreme death/black metal again.

What are your feelings on the underground music scene these days and are you a big fan of downloading music at all?
I like the conveniences of hearing new music nowadays.  But also the problem is too many posers have access to everything.  I still prefer the old days of buying an album and getting totally blown away buy it. Listening to it over and over.  Looking at the art and layout.  Reading the thanks list for more killer bands to track down.  Kids today just do not understand. (no they don’t carl and I don’t think they ever will-cf)

What are some of your favorite bands that you listen to and what are some things in metal that you absolutely hate?
My personal faves are old Slayer, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Impiety, Destroyer 666, Imprecation, Blaspherian, Morbosidad, Dissection, Possessed, and brutal black metal.  I hate this fucking Post Black Metal shit, Hipster black metal, PC metalheads, People who go to shows but look they wish they were somewhere else.

Do you still see the band around in 5 years and then in 10 years?
Yes, in some form or another.

Please plug any websites you have.
www.hodmusic2.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Hod/118127951554999
That should cover the basis.

Any last words.
Thanks Chris for the interview and interest.  Love seeing the old guard still doing the work of metal!

Interview by Chris Forbes


February 2015

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