Country: France
Title: The Enemy Inside
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

Between the latest 10-15 Death Metal materials I got from France, I guess 10-12 were on this uncompromising, totally devastating side of it and only a few on the melodic side. It might be just my impression but it seems French do love their Death Metal as extreme and unfriendly as possible. Warside too, a quintet from Lyon that presents here their debut EP, a 6 tracks effort clocking a bit over 20 minutes of playing time, but man those minutes are so intense you'll feel the need to escape, to look for a way out. From start to finish the band's music pounds your brains incessantly, the drummer is a fuckin' beast and it seems he's in competition between being the fastest or being the most brutal version of himself. The guitars are heavy, sometimes groovy and only sometimes bringing to the table a bit of melodic touch, but the overall impression is of a devastating wall of riffs and leads. The bass lines are so heavy and metallic you can't help but noticing them from the first sounds, and the vocals are so aggressive and intense it reminds me of the energy Deathcore kids display on stage nowadays, the guy spits so many venomous semi-growls and so fast it feels like he has cornered you and he's now there to scare you at all costs. As a special mention I have to say the last track is brilliant, the guitar work is so catchy it made me replay it for a dozen times already, and all other elements, the instruments and the vocals, are at their absolute best on this track, so make sure you at least give this one a try to make up your mind; total Grinding Death Metal annihilation! The CD is dedicated to a friend of theirs, Ferid, who passed away in 2009, so the bond between them must have been really, really special, kudos for this decision!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10