Country: Germany
Title: Lost In Paradise
Label: FastBall Music
Year: 2019
Style: Rock Metal

This is way more mainstream oriented than what we're usually used to in this obscure underground crypt of ours, so to tell you the truth I don't even know how to judge it. The second album from Germany based Mirrorplain is made of 12 tracks and is a mix between Rock and Metal music, with influences from all over the place, but it's that kind of music that's both heavy and soft at the same time, a band that could go well in a Metal festival as it could be natural in a regular festival with all kinds of music, the kind of Rock my 3 years old kid could start listening to in a couple of years and really like but way too light for my taste and, again, for what we usually present here. Melodic, energetic, epic at times, quite technical although with plenty of catchy and simple/repetitive moments to remain stuck to your mind, well balanced between slow moments, heavy and fast paced passages, and all this lead by a charismatic and very capable vocalist that ranges between soothing tones and raspy, throaty screams. A good album from what I can tell.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10