Band: PORN
Country: France
Title: No Monsters in God's Eyes – Act III
Label: Echozone / Les Disques Rubicon
Year: 2020
Style: Industrian Gothic Rock Metal

Murder Rock is the new label for what this hard-working French band is offering to the listeners, or better explained a mix between Gothic Rock and Industrial Metal leading one's mind to sounds a la Nine Inch Nails, Fields of the Nephilim, Type O negative, David Bowie or The Cure, soft, melodic, easily accessible, but also a bit rough around the edges when needed, so the Metal effect doesn't miss from their music. This new album, their 6th to date, is actually the third part of a trilogy started in 2017, and having witnessed all these three albums I could easily say they are tied together in both graphic work and music, they really feel like a whole story. When Philippe Deschemin started this band, his aim was to create "dark, sexy and dangerous music" which he successfully succeeded, Porn's music is all that and even more: a slow to mid-tempo rhythm section lead by repetitive, intoxicating guitar riffs, melodic leads and fronted by a laid-back, chill vocalist clearly influenced by the above-mentioned bands, this is what Porn offers and I think fans of Gothic Rock / Metal and Industrial Metal will enjoy it a lot.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10