Country: Greece
Title: Fragments of a Ruined Mind
Label: Symmetric Records
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal

To be honest it was hard for me to pass over The Word, the fourth track of this album simply because I like it so much and replayed it so many times I know it by heart now. It's the first time I meet this band's music and I find it absolutely smashing! Lead by a fantastic vocalist, Billy Vass, that will blow you away with his vocal range and composure, the band gathers the best from Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Epic Metal and skillfully throws it in our ears with class, of course supported by an excellent production. As said the highlight of this band are the vocals, but the guitar work is also very impressive, varied, melodic and technical at the same time, delivering plenty of surprising moments yet keeping things catchy and memorable all the time; the rhythm section is a powerful and solid backbone for Terra Incognita's music, with its fair share of upfront moments for both the drums and bass. Fragments of a Ruined Mind is a beautiful, deep, enchanting Melodic Heavy Metal album, don't miss out on it!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10