Country: Poland
Title: Kolovrat
Label: Art of The Night Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Folk Metal

Kolovrat is a slavic simbol of sun. The second album of Merfolk from suoth-eastern Poland opened old pagan slavic prayer taken from the beginning of spring celebrarion. All album is full of slavic legends, heathen faith motives and lyrics based on ethnographic data on Slavic superstitions, ancient traditions and what has survived from pre-Christian beliefs. Female growling is similar to Sabina Classen of Holy Moses and sounds based on oldschool, garage riffs mixed with folk motives taken from Polish folklore – based on violin and accordion. Atmoshere changed from melodic folkmetal to oldschool thrash included popular tradiotional chants. „Kolovrat” is more better than the first album od Merkfolk, idea, which idea that guided the recording of this CD I liked very much. This is not blackmetal with fluite taken from keyboard – this is real folkmetal with authentic motives taken from Poland’s musical folk culture and heathen atmosphere. By the way, it sometimes sounds like a combination of old Judas Priest and Metallica mixed with country folk and sometimes like Korpiklaani - it's a pity that the band did not make those recordings better (like Runika „Pradawna Moc” which album I rewieved in October 2018 here). Whatever a big respect from me for the thoughtful display of the entire annual cycle of Slavs in 13 metal pieces based on folklore. BTW. The album was released on the croundfinding action in internet.
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 7/10