Country: Germany
Title: Freedom in Fire
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Metal

Active since 2008 (under a different moniker until 2011) Syrence have finally managed to release their debut album, and oh what a nice surprise that is, so I guess for their fans it was well worth the wait. Straight from their debut Syrence sounds like one of the greats of the genre, this album offers a bit of everything for the fans of both classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Hard Rock, from the epic ballads to the mid-tempo power tracks, in my opinion a mix between Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Savatage and even old Scorpions, sounding wall-solid all throughout the 54 minutes of this album. Based on your personal preferences you will also find your fave track, there's so much diversity that I'm sure each track will find its audience; for example mine are Addicted, Symphony and Seven Oaks, but I could have easily chose any other as all of them are great. The production is also top notch giving the impression of both an old-school sounding band but also modern and polished at the same time. Fantastic album, from the wide composition territory to the instrumental execution to the massive vocal performance, to the catchiness of it all, the perfect debut for a band that should reach the top soon if they'll continue this way (well, not releasing a new album after a decade, obviously).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10