Country: The Netherlands
Title: Vakuum
Label: Void Wanderer / Onism
Year: 2021
Style: Experimental Black Metal

Wait, wait, wait, don't we get to know each other? No talk? No coffee? No nothing, just straight to the action? You bet your ass this is how it feels when meeting this EP's music for the first time, full-on aggression from the start, no time to breathe, no time to get your mind straight, and the impressive thing is how chaotic sounding but at the same time scrupulously calculated this aggression is, a sonic rape on your senses without doubt. Eventually things slow down a bit and you can finally get your shit together, but that doesn't mean there's less dissonant sonic assault though; I have to admit I very much like the fast parts/tracks more than the slower, but I guess the later were also needed for a better balance. Teitan is a one man band presenting here its new EP, a couple of years after the debut album saw the light of the day. We're treated, as you may have guessed it already, with a highly experimental, abrasive, sinister and totally psychotic kind of modern Black Metal with so multiple facets to it that it will take some full plays before getting to understand them for sure; it sounds like the kind of Black Metal the most demented of patients in an asylum would be capable of writing, no less than that, mostly fast-paced dementia sequenced by somehow calm but equally disturbing passages. An amazing experience that's definitely not for the masses, it is far from an easy listening. Both the EP cover art and the title make much more sense after the audition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10