Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
First of all we want to say hello to you that read the interview. 
DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION is a Grindcore band from Paris FRANCE. We are 3 in the band, Greg is the singer, Yohann is the Drummer, Flo is the guitarist (and also bassist for recordings). We simply met on internet in around 2008, with the wish to play grindcore, back in the years. Greg is coming from the hardcore scene, Yohann from the metal scene, and Flo has study for long classical and jazz guitar when we all met up.  We had at this time no real idea about what we would like to do. We just had to know each other and let speak the inspiration. And little by little, we found our own type of composition. Now since 2008, we found our own style of composing, we have our own basics. And we put our personal influences around. The music evolves record after record, and at this time, we are very happy of every record we did.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Well.. we call it Quality Grindcore. Of course, it's a big joke, we are not that arrogant. It's a reverse joke as "shitty grindcore", "dumbass grindcore"... "brutal destroying grindcore..." or whatever. All the songs are very composed. There is a lot of melodies, and there is rarely riffs that are played several time in the same song. It runs straight, and it's written as very very short "classical music" composition. Sometimes, the song are really more easy composed, because we like punk and direct grind too. Maybe we can say that we are a little influenced by some Brutal Truth, Blockheads, Disrupt, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Converge... We let you judge because we personally don't really know... we do what we want to do. Every band is absolutely influenced by others... for us it's not very clear if there is bands influencing us more than others... A lot of people say us "wow you have a very blackmetal touch in your ultra grindcore"... We never talked about Black Metal in the band, and listen very not often to black metal hahaha...

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Maybe he should, maybe not... at least he should listen. 

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We released our first CD "L'ecole du gout" in 2011. It was a self release, at 1000 CDs. We promoted it by ourself, sending it piece by piece to every label, webzine, radio shows that we knew. We sold a lot of this CD at shows, and we are 2 years later very near sold out of this. This was then the big start of the band, the point where all really begun for us. Then we made released by Power it Up records a split with NOISEAR (USA/members of Phobia, Kill the Client...) on CD and vinyle 7". Then again, we made release by Power it Up and Give Praise records our split with STRONG INTENTION (USA/Members of CATTLE DECAPITATION, ex-MISERY INDEX), on CD and LP.
In 2013, Flo made the compilation IN GRINDO VERITAS, of French Grindcore Bands (37 bands, the best in French Grind) with only unreleased tracks, feat. YATTAÏ, GRONIBARD, UNSU, FAXE, GRIST, WARFUCK, C.O.A.G, INFECTED SOCIETY.... and many more. The compilation has been released and very well promoted by Kaotoxin records. We also put a cover of DISRUPT on the TRIBUTE TO DISRUPT, released on 2xCD and 2xLP by Power it Up records.
In Early 2014 (january/february) we have a 6 way split with TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, C.O.A.G, INFECTED SOCIETY, UNSU, MISERABLE FAILURE coming, released by Kaotoxin records and Give Praise records. And also a split with AGATHOCLES, relesed by Dooweet records and Give Praise records, on CD and LP. The CD will be distributed for free at 1500 ex in bars, clubs and concerts in Paris. Later in 2014 we will have a split with SENDER/RECEIVER (where Kristian from ROTTEN SOUND will play the bass for us) and a split with the Indonesian band PROLETAR. We are looking for labels for that 2 last splits.
2015 should be the year of our really first album... after all these split records and Ep.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Absolutely we love to play live. We have toured in Russia two times, in Europe, In USA, in very little shows as on big festivals (Obscene Extreme, SWR Barroselas MetalFest, Bloodshed Fest ... ). In 2014 we tour Europe with MOTHER BRAIN (USA), a band that opened for us on our first gig in USA. Very nice Grindcore/Power Violence from the East Coast, and very nice guys. We will also in 2014 tour the USA for 3 weeks with the friends of BUDD DWYER fro East Coast, friends and opener for us on our first USA tour. Both bands has just released some new shits, and theyr shits are amazing !!! 

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
The people working for musicians (labels, records store, promoters etc...) have to know that we started the band to push it as far as possible. We never stopped pushing our band, musically, or on promotion, on touring hard, on spending all of our time, passion, money, to make that band be the big journey of our life. So we are serious guys on that point, that's why the peoples we met believe in us, and, absolutely important, they all like our music very much. Our band, is friendship, is the like to meet people, to party hard, to dig in the music composition, to visit countries, to give fun to peoples, no bullshit, only the real effective energy.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
We push it as hard as we can, and let's see what will happen. Touch more people sincerely with our music, and share good moments, that is our main aim.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
On Bandcamp! that site is very easy to use, it's amazing. You can just stream the music, and/or buy the CDs. When you buy on Bandcamp, we ship it worldwide by ourself. People can also buy the records from the websites of the labels, or on mobile distros, or on big sites as NUCLEARBLAST.DE website. Our first Ep is also available on iTunes. Our Bandcamp is and our facebook page for contact is It's also possible to buy at the shows, as the same time as sharing some beers and good time with us after the shows.
Thanks a lot for having red this, see you on tour ;)

January 2014