Country: Spain
Title: Adaptation
Label: Black Tears
Year: 2020
Style: Funeral Doom Death Metal

Young band from Spain founded in 2017 by quite experienced musicians, or at least they're not in their teens anymore so one could suppose they have some experience underbelt, Funeralia released this debut album on Italian Black Tears label. 7 tracks clocking over 50 minutes of '90's type Gothic Doom Death Metal with growling vocals (both male and female) mixed with soprano vocals and female Black Metal shrieks. Unfortunately I have a real problem with the later, goblin-like raspy screams that sound funny or even cringy rather than anything else... My opinion would be Barbara should stick to Death Metal growls as she does that pretty good, just check her previous band Devil in You for some powerful and natural-sounding vocals of death. Then the soprano vocals are either out of tune or the compositions themselves don't offer them too much to play with because they sound quite amateurish and that's too bad, again the soprano has a real warm, feminine vocal tone but the way she plays on this album is not something I would have expected. Anyway, talking about the good things of this album I should mention the crystal-clear production, quite upfront and powerful for this type of music but well-fitting with the compositions, then the overall atmosphere, very oppressive, dark and depressive, easily capable of transmitting the point to the listener and that's the most important thing. The piano parts are excellent, too, they would probably deserve more space and focus in Funeralia's music. The guitar work is not surprising or too impressive either, but it does its job on point for a '90's inspired Doom Death band, and the same goes for the keyboard backgrounds. All in all Funeralia have chosen a steep path, they need to figure out how to come up with something of their own in such a heavily beaten path as the '90's Doom Death, while upping their game, too. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10