Country: Spain
Title: Onde Calan os Corazóns, Ruxen as Pedras
Label: Damnatio ad Bestias
Year: 2021
Style: Pagan Black Metal

Although released 4 years after their debut album, this new Lostregos opus was actually recorded in 2019, so I guess it took them less than 2 years to come up with these 4 new (very long, between 8 and 15 minutes in length) tracks, and most probably they are already working on the followup given the Pandemic and the stay-at-home period we all had to endure. Anyway, talking about the new material, the band didn't change much, if you know their previous work you can easily envision what's going on inhere, meaning a somehow raw and unpolished produced but classy and elegant at times Pagan Black Metal with some Heavy Metal touches especially on guitar leads and solos. Mostly fast and brutal, Lostregos' compositions deliver plenty of melody and epic atmospheres to open their target to a wider audience although the general and overall impression is of an aggressive, uncompromising, underground band. The length of their tracks might prove too much for some, but I can assure you they are quite interesting and complex in structure, open to outside (of the genre) influences but only to a point where their main direction (Pagan Black Metal) is not affected considerably but on the contrary, strengthened, and I'm mentioning here the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal guitar passages that are absolutely excellent, but again, the band used their fans with these influences even from their debut album, so not a new feature but still worth mentioning. All in all Lostregos did a good album here, give it a chance. Released in limited edition 6 panels Digipak CD by Damnation ad Bestias.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10