Country: USA
Title: Unseen Repulsions
Label: Empire Records
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Metal

Aggravator are around since 2008, a trio from Texas that has released 2 albums (the last one in 2016) and seems to be carefully preparing for their third with a couple of EPs. The new material, Unseen Repulsions EP, is made of 6 tracks and clocks 20 minutes of ferocious Thrash Metal, one that sounds even more brutal because of the absolutely vicious, cruel, visceral vocals of Derek Jones who also takes care of rhythm guitar in the band. Some of the most impressive vocals I've heard lately... Although a trio, the instrumental part is so full and massive you won't feel it's missing anything at all, but I'm not sure if the band is so powerful and heavy on live shows as a trio though. The compositions are mostly fast and furious with some mid-tempo passages where things get really oppressive, all bearing an old-school attitude and sound; a solid, violent Thrash Metal that keeps a loyal direction to the genre while still allowing serious Death Metal and even some Heavy Metal influences, an enthusiastic EP that calls for a full-length follow-up.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10