Country: Italy
Title: You Tomb
Label: Metal Scrap Records
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

After a debut album released on US based Horror Pain Gore Death label, Italian Crepuscolo change orientation and sign with Ukraine based Metal Scrap and here we have the first fruit of this new collaboration, a second studio album featuring 10 new tracks in 45 minutes of playing time. The music, if you are not familiar with this band (as I was too to be honest), I would characterize as a more Hardcore version of Dismember, with a vocalist that's a cross between Benediction (Dave Ingram's The Dreams You Dread period) and Six Feet Under (the more recent period where Chris Barnes sounds quite tired), a bass that sounds like a machine-gun after it has fired all bullets, metallic and damn angry, an intense drums section and catchy guitar riffs enhanced by some excellent old-school solos that make it as the cherry on top of the cake. I know, Swedish Death Metal has been used and abused too many times along the way, but at least Crepuscolo are shaping it their own way and although it may seem tiresome to listen to it for three quarters of an hour (because of the abrasive and upfront vocals), this one is pretty well done, if released at the beginning of the '90's this would have been a total blast. Check it out for yourselves.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10