Country: Belarus
Title: Viartannie (Chroniki źmiainaj ciemry)
Label: Hell Frog Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

The seventh full length album signed by Belarussian duo Raven Throne offers 7 tracks in 40 minutes of playing time, and is released in Digipak CD (3 panels with booklet featuring all lyrics and artwork for each of them) format by the new Hell Frog Productions, probably the band's own label; quite a curious choice giving the fact the previous album (from 2018) was released by reputable Non Serviam Records and the previous albums were as well out on different labels, except the first one from 2005 which was an independent release. Anyway, talking about the music on it, we're dealing here with a primordial form of music and here I am referring to the very, very repetitive format of each track to a point where they become cvasi-ritualistic track, mesmerizing, bewitching, obliging the listener to a meditative, almost numb state of mind. Usually I find repetitive music an easy choice for bands that don't achieve a higher level of technical skills on their instruments, but here it's clear this was the exact purpose, this atmosphere is exactly what the band was aiming for and successfully achieved. There is plenty of diversity, too, from the rhythm progressions, to riffs variety, and the drumming also reaches some pretty intense blastbeats balanced by an unexpected electro / industrial synth percussion that takes the music to a totally surprising atmosphere. For the most part we're dealing with an intense, fast paced, brutal even Black Metal with razor-sharp shrieks, but at times some melodic leads or acoustic interludes are perfect for breaking monotony up. All in all this album is excellent, but make sure you're expecting some pretty repetitive, ritualistic stuff although it doesn't seem like it at first glance. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10