Country: France
Title: Rehearsal of the Living Dead
Label: Independent
Year: 2016
Style: Death Metal

In my opinion this is what tapes are intended for: demos and rehearsal tapes, that's why we call them rehearsal TAPES and not rehearsal CDs, so kudos for Sepulchral for sticking up to the old-school way. Actually the 3 tracks on this tape seem to have been composed and arranged by a founding member that's no longer in the band, Thierry Vandamme, back in 1990, and the current members rearranged them in 2016, hence this tape was recorded and released in 200 copies. The music is old-school obscure sounding Death Metal with gory lyrics and a few occasional Punk influences on drums, but nothing to be annoyed by if you don't like those. 10 minutes of total monsters lurking darkness and desecration, a truly sinister sounding music based on catchy guitar riffs and intense rhythm section, with occasional slower passages to make things even more oppressive. I'm not that fond of the main vocal tone, but the supporting one, although processed, sounds fucking obscene, like a raging and dying animal you're about to encounter; I've always loved this type of vocals, they enhance the horror in any Death Metal song. All in all Sepulchral sounds great for old-school Death Metal maniacs, they bring nothing new to the table, but the atmosphere they manage to create are well worth your time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10