Country: USA
Title: From Beyond the Grave
Label: Skull Crusher Music
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

Matt Pike is back with his one-man-band Unburied's fourth full-length not even half a year after he released his third opus, so I guess he's determined to get the band's music out there as much as possible. Unburied's style is the same as until now, so if you've known the band before you know what to expect, but if you're now here you should know we're dealing with a very rough, unpolished, chaotic, primitive, brutal, direct Death Metal delivered with demo-sounding production quality, with minimal (if any) mix and master, with compositions sounding like very early Death Metal demo recordings still bearing influences from Heavy, Thrash and even Hardcore. If you're into really raw stuff (even plenty of execution mistakes were not left out of the recording) this is definitely you should check out, but if you're looking for nowadays level production and compositions look elsewhere. There's a certain charm in this music, it sounds sloppy most of the time, but it brings back to memory the times when this genre was it its infant phase, that certain ingenuity impossible to find elsewhere nowadays, especially in Europe. Quality-wise I'd say this is a longer demo recorded in one take, but if Matt decided to label it an album it means this is his own style, we should respect it even if most listeners won't give it a chance past the first track, I'm sure. Cool to see Matt only released this in CD format (physical), not online too, which is at least uncommon nowadays.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10