Country: Italy
Title: The Taint
Label: Agoge Records
Year: 2017
Style: Gothic Metal

Man, I hate these releases where you have to deeply search for the band's name, I mean if the logo is so intricate or uninspired or artsy (call it however you like) that you can't understand the band name, and we're not in case of an obscure Black Metal or a Brutal Death Metal band where that's quite usual, we're talking about a simple band name of a Gothic Rock band. Anyway, on the second page of the CD booklet (there's no band name on the back of the CD either) you can find out the band is called Nexus if you haven't searched for it online by the album title like I did. This is their debut and so only full-length album, a 9 tracks effort clocking 38 minutes of Gothic Rock Metal mixed with all sort of Electro and Industrial elements that are quite enjoyable actually, and by now it's an old material (4 years almost) but since the band called it quits in 2019, unless one of the members becomes famous somehow, it will be most probably buried and forgotten. Overall the album is pleasant, it has a nice flow, I've even spined it a few times already and I'm not bored at all, but there are some passages here and there where the vocals' mix with the instrumental part sounds awkward, dissonant to say the least, and also there are some passages where the music sounds dry and generic which gives me the intention to fast-forward, but apart from that I'd say fans of the genre will get a good chew for over half an hour. The production is crystal-clear but quite weak for these times, it actually remind me of the '90's, I don't know if that's intentional or it just happened like that. Not sure what elese to say about it, I'm not impressed but I'm not bored by it either.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10