Country: USA
Title: Hammer of Redemption (adv. promo)
Label: Skull Crusher Music
Year: 2021
Style: Hardcore Death Metal

Here I have an advance promo CD for the upcoming Unburied EP which in the meantime got released and it features only 2 track more than on this advance. I haven't seen an advance promo recording since the end '90's - beginning of '00's, I thought this practice was now completely extinct, bands are ashamed of showing unfinished tracks nowadays, it's all about quality production and glitter it seems, noone cares about the actual compositions, abut a riffs sequence, a set of catchy choruses or whatever. Anyway, it seems someone is still doing it and who else than one of the most old-school persons I know in Today's underground, Matt Pike and his Unburied band. The new tracks show us a much more Hardcore-influenced Death Metal direction for Unburied based on groovier drumming, and maybe heavier riffs; the last track has a serious Slam influence on it. But when thinking of Death and Hardcore coming together we have to think mid-end '80's level of production and composition, nothing to do with what's out there nowadays and from this point of view Matt keeps being one of the most original out there, he really doesn't care about the negative comments from people only used with shiny, polished Metal. If you can embrace this raw material you'll definitely love Matt's style!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10