Hails Brother! Thank you for accepting this interview, how are you doing today?
Greetings metal warrior everything is going good!

Tell me about the early days of the band? Were your ideas always clear about the musical direction that you wanted to pursue as a band?
Well, like any band that will linger in the mouth of Cronos, ideas like the music mature in unison. Funebria has been steadily releasing their bestial hatred and power. It is always our desire to worship the morbid loathing that all Modern slaves flock to.

A long time ago I interviewed Lord Daemonae, obviously a lot has happened since then, many shows, etc. Tell me they have done since that time and what they are currently up to?
In the last two years the herd has had a variant in which members are concerned, the annexation of Iblis as official bassist of our circle, likewise at the end of 2010 we had the pleasure of opening for the blasphemous Cradle of Filth no despised the very significant for several concerts the beast that had several locations in the country between these Barquisimeto, Los Teques, Caracas, Rubio

After your latest album "In blasfemical est Dominus ad Noctum .. Sathani" in 2009 you have continued to remain very active as a band. Do you have some material ready to record in this new year?
I will give you the scoop that within two weeks we will enter the studio to record an EP which will tentatively be named "The Serpent Sing" that will contain five more cursed items of fast and voracious raw material in the style of black/death metal that we recorded before. Also we are working on new songs for an upcoming full length.

What inspires your lyrical content on your compositions in Funebria?
Our lights emerge from the depths of our thoughts, keeping the fire burning that embraces our unchristian hatred, in short, our inspiration will always be washed by the Luciferian mantle of eternal night...

How does it feel to be one of the bands that open the show for CRADLE OF FILTH? And that other notable shows have you already secured as a band?
It was a pleasant surprise for us and we thank the organizers who selected us as Horde to open this macro event. Another concert that brings memories of this band of blasphemers was made together with Ancient Norway in 2007 and 2008 where Bestial Machinery was part of the "Dead Plan Tour" with major extreme bands from around the country sharing with Cultura 3. A few weeks ago the horde participated in the "Pre-Gillman Fest" in the city of San Francisco, an event that brought together more than thirty bands on a single date.

Some of you have side projects. Tell us a bit about how they handle balancing their musical duties in Funebria and then playing in other bands as well...
For my part (SethAumXul) military in a death metal band called Bloodwork and the black metal band Ar Ishtar Barquisimeto, Daemonae has a black metal side project called Daemonhorn, Iblis military band practicing in Abysmal black/death metal and Samech is a guitarist and leader of the death metal band Morzgul.

Tell me all about the current metal scene in State Maracaibo and nationally? Would you say that the extreme metal movement has been growing in numbers in recent years?
It has been growing gradually, consolidating rather than on the state capital, it has also grown a great deal for the eastern shore of the lake with brutal bands and events postponed. With serious regard to the rest of the country, the scene is very strong. The dark invasion has arrived and it is time for black metal and metal necro to take his throne!

What is your opinion on the division between the different genres of metal, such as black, thrash, death metallers etc.?
In my circle there is no such division you speak of even though we know that there is some ignorant media touting the separatist tendencies of these two bloody world (styles) ever since the beginning of everything in the extreme metal genre, but even if you mix these worlds in a single system, the examples of this evil are captured with blood in the annals of extreme black metal.

What other bands nationwide could name that we are for you too brutal and have emerged in recent years?
Veldraveth, Metzeli, Herejes, Noctis Imperium, Zatrarath, Sectasys among many others at the moment but they know not remember swimming with all his dark forces in the burning infernal Stygian waters. Hail for all ..

What do you expect in the future for Funebria?
Profanity, death, destruction and redemption. Our posthumous worship of the great beast that shines strong and the serpentine possessor in the path of the left hand, hail thanks for the interview we will see you soon ...

Interviewed by: Osiris Stefanelli

July 2011

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