Country: Chile
Title: Emancifestation from Sinister Side
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

Before venturing into this release from the music point of view, I'd like to mention and praise the excellent idea to have the digipak version of this split (don't know if there are other versions, too), accompanied by an old-school postcard with both bands featured, a postcard that reminds me of the '90's band presentation cards labels like Wild Rags or Nuclear Blast used to do back in the day, you know, band pic with white border featuring band's and label's logos and contact info; I like this a lot as incentive for the public to buy physical material, too, hope they'll get the support they deserve.
Both bands featured here are in well their 40s, so the fact this is an old-school Death Metal split shouldn't surprise anyone even if they find the band names unknown, which was also my case I have to admit, or at least it's the first time I listen to their works in depth. 
Porta Daemonium are a five piece from Santiago de Chile apparently active since 1998 under the Porta Salomoniis moniker, and under the current one since 2011, time during which they released a demo, a few singles and a full-length album in 2016, so they're not the most productive guys around... Their music is from start to finish a complete and utter assault of chaotic, fast paced, quite technical I'd say, oppressive Death Metal without any trace of compromise, it feels like an animal trapped in the corner, fighting for his life, that's when he becomes to most dangerous, like a primordial, primitive, agonizing force. The production is ok, a bit too stuffed but organic to the bone, clear enough and definitely allowing a good listening experience. 
Next are their Santiago fellows, Denying Nazarene, active since 2003 and with two studio albums and a few demos under their belts, they seem to be a bit more experienced, and even if the genre jump is not that big, this trio delivers their music with a better, more aired and much cleaner production yet retaining the same power of destruction, maybe even bigger. Fast paced, technical, brutalizing, totally blasphemous Death Metal again without compromise, their three tracks are totally impressive, especially if you didn't know the band beforehand. 
Excellent split from IBDC, one that I strongly recommend, two bands true to their beliefs that deserve your support!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10   9/10