Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. 
     Our band began its existence in November of 1997 year. Founders of band – Mor (bass, vocals), Angel (guitars). At the beginning we were titled as "CASKET & MORGUE” and reach out for dark blasphemous lyrics, full of black sarcasm and cruelty, coming near to madness. Music was created under inspiration of the most cruel and brutal actions of world death-metal and grind-core scene.
    The stuff, created in that  time by Mor (former bass-player and vocalist of Lugans’k band NECRONOMICON – R.I.P.) and Angel (authors of all music and lyrics)was made together with drummer Silver and vocalist Viroga, when they reach our band in late of 1998 (August, October).  And that time we changed our title to BRILLIANT COLDNESS. And in 29.12.1998 was debut concert of our band in our own town, Lugansk. We had played a lot of gigs with this stuff. But when we were ready to record this stuff, Viroga (vocals) and then Silver (drums – from 2006 current member of MENTAL DEMISE) escape our band in 2000 year and our first stuff remained only on live video from gigs.
     But, as founders of BRILLIANT COLDNESS and creators of all lyrics and music, we (Mor, Angel) began to create new stuff that became demo "Messengers of Godness Immortality” in 2001 year. And when two songs were done Silver (drums) came back to our band and we began to make this stuff together with drums – it was in the end of 2000.  In the end of 2001 (in winter) we go to recording studio to record this stuff. In 2002 it was released by BLOODHEAD production (Ukraine) as split MC with GOLDPRICK (Byelorussia). All that time we had played a lot of gigs with new stuff (it was also tracks from "Beyond Eternity”). During 2002-2003 was created album "Beyond Eternity” that was recorded on Lenin rec. in late 2003. And in late 2003 Silver (drums) again escape our band and we decided to play only with drum-machine (samples). This stuff was released in late 2004 by DEAD CENTER production (Ukraine) in MC and CD-r size. In early 2005 we had broken all relations with DEAD CENTER. And then, when one song from new stuff "Poisoned Reality” was recorded (April 2005, track "Post-Mortem Reality”, - it was last record made together with our ex-drummer Silver after several concerts in Ukraine and abroad)
"Beyond Eternity” was re-released by our label ETERNITY production (Ukraine) in CD-r size (b/w pro-printed covers) with this new song.  
    Some kind of promotion for our band BRILLIANT COLDNESS was made by "Beyond Eternity” through DEAD CENTER production (mostly) and through ETERNITY production . Our first long play album was spread through labels, magazines and web-zines in different countries, such as: Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Hungary, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Thailand, Singapore, Great Britain, USA, Brazil and still spreads through foreign and native labels all over the world.
    During creation of "Beyond Eternity” our world-view changed and there were no blasphemous and cruel lyrics anymore. From that time we carry through our music and lyrics our new view of existence, that must be in use for everyone (as we think), who looking for real sense in his life. We are open for intercourse, speaking about the most important spiritual life of human. Of course, lyrics still stay enough gloomy and dark because we try to explore such mental and spiritual sides of being that society generally avoids. Because it is always easier to believe in the bright prospects and a sweet lie, than to take all the uncompromising chilling reality as it is.
    New stuff, called "Poisoned Reality” was made during the end of 2004 – half of 2006 year. Breaking relations with our ex-drummer we met second guitarist Alex (Alexander Ermakov). And some time ago Alex met drummer Dmitry (Dmitry Medvedev) in autumn of 2005 year. So in number of four members we proceed to work over new stuff. Result of our common work as renewed and complete group and as 10-years of working in music for Mor and Angel (founders of group) and for 9-years of existence of  BRILLIANT COLDNESS is album of 2006 year "Poisoned Reality”. 
   "Poisoned Reality”, which consists of nine (9) tracks and total time is 54.37 minutes was recorded during 50 hours of working in BEASTS STUDIO in period from 3 to 7 of July of 2006 year. We are very thankful and gratitude to Boris, Oleg and Alexander from BEASTS STUDIO for their brilliant and grateful professional work over our stuff!!!  Thanks to the fact of their work in mastering, "Poisoned Reality”, had exactly that kind of brilliant and powerful sound.  
    In March of 2007 year Alexandr Ermakov (as a sessional guitarist was during recording of solo-parts in demo and full-length CD of BALFOR) left BRILLIANT COLDNESS and after that on the
vacant place of second guitar was invited Dmitry Yemets (Dimas). Then, in February of 2008 Dmitry Medvedev stopped to play in our band being traveling to another country and this vacant place was filled by the new drummer Alexander (Napalmer – also drummer of Lugans’k new-metal band STUFF 44 where he was playing before we invite him). And so we had started rehearses to be able with this new line-up to play concerts. And in the end of a July of 2008 we had found a vocalist Andrew,   practiced in growling vocal during last 6 years – in his band called "Simbioz”.
Concert activity with new line-up was started from 22 of November of 2008 in t. Severodonetsk (Luhansk region) with Ukrainian underground death-grind bands. Then we organized gig in our town 13 of December of 2008. There also were DATURA (Donetsk) and EPICRISE (Severodonetsk, Lugansk region). And then was gigs in Lugansk: 22 of February of 2009 (with Lugansk’ metal bands) and 18 of April together with VOMIGOD (Poland), ABNORMYNDEFFECT (Moldova), SORGHUM and SINNER BLEEDS (Ukraine).  And after gig in Artemovsk (Donetsk reg.) Andrew left the band and Mor again started to sing combine it with his powerful play on bass.
   14 of July we signed contract with APOLLON RECORDS/PAINKILLER PRODUCTIONS (The Netherlands) for unlimited edition of our latest album "Poisoned Reality" and territory is Worldwide. Official date of this release is 27 of Octouber of 2009.
  19.09.2009 in our own toun, Lugansk, we made metal gig with invited our friends – BALFOR  and ACEPHALA. Live video was made there on 4 (four) cameras and already mastered. Professional promo live video created special for BRILLIANT COLDNESS and BALFOR. You can find it on youtube –
   So now in stabilized line-up of our group we prepare concert program, working over the new stuff.

For now time our line-up is: 
Angel (Sergey Udovenko) – guitars 
Mor (Alexandr Umurzakov) – bass, vocals 
Napalmer (Alexander Kravetz) – drums 
Dimas (Dmitry Yemetz) – guitars 
So, for now time our discography:
  2002 – "Messengers of Godness Immortality”, demo, recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Ukraine, t. Lugansk) in winter 2001, released by Bloodhead prod. (Ukraine) split MC with GOLDPRICK (Byelorussia) in 2002. Track list: 
               1. Devastation of Globality.
               2. Divine.
  2004 – "Beyond Eternity”, recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Ukraine, t. Lugansk) in summer 2003, released by Dead Center prod. (Ukraine), MC and CD-r. Track list: 
               1. Beyond Eternity.
               2. Abyss of Unbeingness.
               3. Majesty of Truth.
               4. Mental Infection.
               5. Unborn.
               6. Calling for the Rain (bass instrumental). 
  2005 – "Beyond Eternity”, recorded and mixed at Lenin Records (Ukraine, t. Lugansk) in summer 2003 + bonus track "Post-Mortem Reality”, recorded and mixed at Hot-Jam Records (Ukraine, t. Lugansk) in april 2005, released by Eternity prod.(Ukraine), CD-r. Re-released stuff + bonus track from new stuff. Track list: 
               1. Beyond Eternity.
               2. Abyss of Unbeingness.
               3. Majesty of Truth.
               4. Mental Infection.
               5. Unborn.
               6. Calling for the Rain (bass instrumental).
               7. Post-Mortem Reality. 
  2006 – "Poisoned Reality”, recorded and mixed at Beasts Studio (Ukraine, Donetsk region, t. Gorlovka) during July of 2006. Released by APOLLON RECORDS/PAINKILLER PRODUCTIONS. Official date of release is 27th of Octouber of 2009. Track list:
Kingdom of  the Dead.
Post-Mortem Reality.
Lords of the World.
Return to Unbeingness.
In Power of Horror.
Cobweb of Self-Destruction.
Program is Annihilated.
Paradox of Madness.
Cannibal Rules.
All interesting for you information about BRILLIANT COLDNESS you can find on 

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?  
  Our style changes from album to album. For example, "Beyond Eternity” is old-school death metal with roots from Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Incantation etc. Then "Poisoned Reality” is more progressive work in which we tried to implement our new melodic and rhythmic development, going beyond the orthodox thinking style of metal music. I think that "Poisoned Reality” is not a typical death-metal album and there is a certain originality, although the roots, of course, in the old school death, thrash metal (Megadeth, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer etc.). But at whole we can describe our style as extreme-technical death metal. The main criterion for us - not to be orthodox and uniform in music creation. 

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
First of all if they (metalheads) want to hear something new, something unusual in death metal without loosing of extremality with the best veins of old-school metal. We always try to create a balanced energy drink of stainless steel. So you can be sure that there is nor any targeted commerce and new pop-fashions in our music. Of course I can not guarantee that we will please all tastes of metalheads, but I can say for sure and without doubt that it is always professional and virtuosic work, brilliant and uncompromising metal.  

What have you released so far and how were your releases perceived by the public/media?  
  The latest our release is "Poisoned Reality” released by Apollon Records (The Netherlands) 27 of October 2009. And I can say based on reviews and metalhead’s comments that this work has a lot of fans worldwide regardless of what style of metal music they prefer.  

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
  Yes, we play live. But currently at this momet we are working over the new album. We are planning to tour outside of Ukraine. But it will most likely after recording a new stuff. 

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it? 
  I think they should know about Brilliant Coldness as about the hardworking and honest death metal band developing a new branch in death metal, extreme styles of metal. And I think that this nuance must be interesting for labels/zines/promoters and fans as well, all over the world.    

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
   The main goal for this 2010 year is new record. And then tours all over the world. 

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
   You can listen Brilliant Coldness at "Beyond Eternity” you can buy through  About where you can buy our latest stuff:  
  And there are a lot of them…

February 2010