Country: Spain
Title: Set de sang
Label: Hecatombe / Blood Fire Death
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Black Death Metal

Wow, what a return is this! Vidres a la Sang have been around from 2002 to 2010 releasing 3 studio albums in the meantime, but somehow broke up after that and this year (2018) they decided to get back together and continue the story (have to admit I wasn't familiar with the band before getting to this album). This come-back album, Set de sang, is an impressive display of potential from all sides of it, it is so diverse, so surprising, so catchy and entertaining, so open-minded and at the same time so curdled that it can be considered among the best of this year, no doubts. Too bad this underground nowadays only offers a break if you have chance no matter how good you are, but I hope Viders a la Sang will get their chance. From the start I couldn't pinpoint their genre to a specific path, it's rather a cobination of sounds from Modern Death Metal, Groove Metal, Progressive Metal, Modern Metal, Black Death, Epic Black Metal, Post Metal and even a touch of Viking Metal (yes, indeed!) on some of the vocals, it's an astonishing combination that works like a charm! The 7 long tracks featured here (total playing time is 50 minutes) sond like the band took the 8 years off just to work on this album, that's how well thought and carefully built they seem, it's like you cen find something impressive in every guitar riff, or solo, or bass line, or pounding drums pattern. Huge album, mark my words and don't even think of not giving it a chance at least, it's free for streaming on Bandcamp!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10