Country: Canada
Title: Le coeur plein de rage
Label: Productions Haineuses
Year: 2019
Style: Punk Black Metal

Here I have the second full-length album from Montreal based trio Oppression, released at a 5 years distance from their debut album. Not sure if this is the only version, but I have the tape version released by Productions Haineuses in a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies, and to tell you the truth I liked it so much I plan on finding the first album, too, right after this audition. Mixing Punk and Black Metal with a melancholic, urban touch, Oppression sounds organic, unpolished and unpretentious but at the same time deeply infectious and quite varied for this type of mix. Let's take things one by one: the first thing that hits you are the simple drums combined with an upfront Punk-like bass line and with melancholic yet sharp guitar riffs specific to the nowadays French Black Metal scene I'd say; actually the whole thing reminds me of the French scene, especially of Peste Noire, especially when the Black Metal screams are replaced with clean vocals, a mix between Folkish chants and football gallery, unpretentious again, but quite fit for this type of music. There's plenty of diversity, although one could say a D-Beat lead music might not offer that much space for variety, but Oppression made it through this mix of Black and Punk, one of the best I've heard lately, catchy and honest sounding. Released on professional tape with professional booklet, unfortunately without lyrics (although I don't know French), this album was a nice surprise, check it out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10