Country: The Netherlands
Title: Stabbed to Death with a Pin
Label: Big Bad Wolf Records
Year: 2018
Style: Hardcore Thrash Metal

This is considered TOTA's debut album, but although it features 10 tracks it only clocks 16 minutes, so from my point of view this is rather an EP. Anyway, what matters is the music and FOTA are offering a varied mix between Hardcore, Punk, Thrash, Death and Grindcore (I've even spotted a Black Metal-like guitar riff), so fast, aggressive, angry music with a 100% anti-Trump message, like the whole album is centered around Trump, his campaign, promises and slogans, and what America has become electing this new president of their; the album title and even the band name are saying it all, the band brings an apocalyptic message, society kills itself with it's latest choices. A very blunt attitude to meet a very blunt and straight to your face music, an EP to make you think.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10