Country: Greece
Title: Open Arms
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Hard'n'Heavy

Greek quintet offering us here their debut full-length material, a 10 tracks effort clocking a bit over 45 minutes of playing time. Musically the band can be pinpointed somewhere between traditional Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, their original take on this might be fact they have a female vocalist, and a good one I might add, but all in all they are pretty much confined by the patterns of the genre maybe with subtle hints of Progressive and Alternative Rock / Metal. The feature that stuck to my ears at first was the upfront mix of the guitars making the riffs becoming the spearhead of their compositions, making the music a bit more Metallic than the track structures might sound otherwise. A nice surprise, although I was expecting a ballad of course, was the track Final Decision Made which starts like a straight on Dire Straits ballad then continues on a piano / guitar solo / vocals mix and ends in Hard Rock fashion, I find that pretty cool. Some tracks are good and catchy, while some others sound too simple, like there's an instrument missing although we're dealing here with a two guitarists band and such passages should never occur. All in all I doubt this will be the break-through album the band needs to make themselves a name, but it's an enjoyable material that proves there's plenty of potential in Disillusive Play and also there's enough will and capacity to mix traditional with modern for a fresh result.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10